A unique methodology


"I thoroughly appreciated the variety of activities, the availability of the speakers; I learned to breath better, to walk better, my willpower is stronger as is my motivation to feel better, even though I have a job that is pretty stressful.  I loved the way the vegetables were prepared, the great variety of recipes and the cameraderie during meals."

Marie S., 55 years old

Our method is based on a gastroenterologist’s 10 years’ experience in nutrition and obesity. The product LOVAMINE (developed by this doctor) has been studied and approved by the University Hospital of Montpellier and is now in the public domain. This product should only be consumed on prescription, as it replaces animal protein. It corrects eating habits, providing satiety and vitality, without any secondary effects such as fatigue; it rapidly decreases the temptation to nibble, to eat between meals and to eat junk food. It eliminates the "yoyo" effect in the process of losing weight, and a tendency towards eating binges.

A unique methodologyMedical guidance is available from the outset; there will be a phone conversation with the doctor upon registration and a final review is scheduled with him on the last day. Moreover, the doctor is available for phone consultations throughout the stay and can also be contacted subsequently. Before departure, each patient benefits from an assessment, as well as a prescription and specific guidance by the doctor.

Supporting therapies focus on group work; for individuals who want more in-depth attention additional sessions are offered at an extra charge. These therapies enhance peoples’ awareness of the crucial impact of eating habits on their body functions. Everyone will be better equipped to measure the interaction between body and mind and act accordingly to lose weight.

Mandatory physical exercise, mostly hiking, are organized every day, according to the physical capacity of participants. Learning about preparing healthy meals focuses on a large variety of vegetables. Each patient receives recipes before departure to continue a healthy and tasty diet upon returning home.

Finally, the welcome and the quality of the accommodation, together with cultural opportunities available, and the exceptional micro-climate in Drôme, provide a result which is on a par with the best thalassotherapy.

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