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Definition: Blood oxygenation

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On this video, you can see three micro-veins in the intestinal area, the one in the middle has the blood circulation stoped; thanks to the action of pulsating magnetic fields, after a moment  the vessel is cleared and you can see the blood circulating in it bit by bit (from 0'50"); Bemer's action has broken up an intravascular blood cells blockage.

Electromagnetic energy is the basis of the functionning of our body.

Bemer's therapy uses pulsating magnetic fields, it's a tool to improve blood circulation, oxygenation of the blood and the cells, and to eliminate toxins.

It enhances autoregulatory mechanisms and the capacity for self-healing, acting on the immune system to fight against problems of metabolism and fatigue. It improves physical performances, getting back and staying in good shape.

A tool for relaxation and well-being, you only need to lie down once a day on a mat for 8 to 10 minuts, and to let magnetic fields pulsate.