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AUTOMN 2016 WORKSHOP (posté par admin le 22.07.2016)

Workshop on "well-being and weight loss in Drôme Provencale" from saturday 8 to saturday 15 october 2016

full pension in 4-star hotel quality
tasted and appropriate food
learning to eat to satiety
disappearance of feelings of hunger
relevant treatments by qualified therapists
learning to cope with stress
afghan walking daily
creative activities, games, visits
learning to cook nutritious meals
a medical assessment by the doctor at the end of the workshop
personnal follow-up by telephone or mail

1400 euros for a single participant, and 1850 euros for a couple, medical consultation included
possible payment in three installments, with no additional charge
reservation by email at:
down payments: 400 euros for a single participant, and 550 euros for a couple
deadline for registration: 3 october 2016
upon receipt of your emailed reservation, you will be sent a form intended for the doctor, to be completed, then returned before the workshop begins, in order to have a discussion by telephone with the doctor.
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A NEW WORKSHOP in APRIL (posté par admin le 28.03.2010)

NEW DATES: from saturday 17th to saturday 24th April 2010

Participants will be welcomed at 15:00 pm and their number is limited to 11.

A special reduction of 10% of the price
is done, and will give you a total cost of 945 euros in a single room, and 1350 euros
in a double one, including all services as described in the PROGRAM page.

An individual care will be offered for the first five applicants, according
to the date of receipt of a down payment of 30% to confirm registration.

Registration time is closed on April 8th.
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Dates of the next workshop (posté par admin le 23.11.2009)

The next workshop will take place from Saturday, 13 to Saturday 20 March 2010.

participants will be welcomed at 15:00 p.m. and the number of participants is limited to 10.

The price is 1,050 euros per person in a single room or 1,500 euros for a couple;
a special reduction of 10% will be available for this period;
individual care (draining massage, foot reflexology....) will be offered for the first five applicants , according to the date of receipt of a down payment of 30% to confirm registration;

pre-registration will be done by email, after which we will send you a detailed form to complete and return with the down payment.

We will accept payment in three stages with no extra charge, and you can pay by bank card using the Paypal system (see the page with costs).
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Dates of the following workshop (posté par admin le 27.07.2009)

The next workshop will take place from Saturday 3 October to Saturday 10 October 2009

New workshops will last 7 full days instead of 8; The price will be reduced accordingly:

the new rate is 1,050 euros for one person and 1,500 for two, without special packages.

This workshop includes an important novelty:
1/ daily hikes practicing the method known as Breathplay Hiking, which improves oxygenation of the blood and of all the cells in the body;
2/ Bemer therapy, which activates pulsating magnetic fields, by simple relaxation on a nat for 8 to 10 minutes daily, and also helps oxygenate the blood;

these two new therapies will stimulate the basic metabolism and reduce body fat.
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Nouveaux séjours en 2009 (posté par admin le 30.03.2009)

Les prochains séjours vont être programmés prochainement aux mois de MAI et OCTOBRE.

Les personnes intéressées peuvent adresser un email pour indiquer leur préférence de date, elles seront enregistrées en pré-inscription, sans engagement de leur part.

Notre rubrique "Actualités" sera mise à jour prochainement.
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Nouveautés en 2009 (posté par admin le 28.12.2008)

SÉJOUR du vendredi 20 mars 2009 le soir au samedi 28 mars après-midi

toute inscription (validée par un chèque d'acompte) recue au plus tard le 20 février bénéficiera d'une remise exceptionnelle de 20% ce qui ramène le coût à 960 euros pour une personne seule et 1360 euros pour un couple, tout compris.

Après cette date, la remise appliquée est de 10%, soit un coût de 1080 euros pour une personne seule et 1530 euros pour un couple.

Les réservations sont ouvertes à compter du 30 décembre 2008 par email. La clôture des inscriptions aura lieu le lundi 2 mars à 20h.

Nous vous souhaitons une très Heureuse Nouvelle Année
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Séjours en 2009 (posté par admin le 27.10.2008)


Consultez nous dès maintenant pour les réservations
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Dates des séjours en 2008 (posté par admin le 19.12.2007)

NOUVEAUTE: nous proposons des SEJOURS DECOUVERTE (3 jours) en semaine
ou en week-end à partir de l'automne prochain; si vous êtes intéressé, envoyez-nous un email avec vos préférences de dates

dates du prochain séjour (8 jours complets):

du vendredi 10 octobre au samedi 18 octobre

Ce séjour bénéficie d'une offre promotionnelle de 15% de réduction sur le tarif normal
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